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Since 1989, R.G.Potter Consulting (RGP) has provided the best source of IT expertise to small and medium businesses in the Kingston, Ontario area. We have a strong track record of surpassing our client's objectives and expectations. We are part of a consortium of computer and business consulting companies that have many years experience in designing and implementing business solutions on various platforms.

Key areas of expertise include IT Design, Application Systems Development, Implementation and Support. We have highly satisfied clients located throughout Canada and the United States. Existing customers include the Ontario Ministry of Health, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, the Kingston Construction Association, the Las Olas Beachclubs of Satellite and Cocoa Beach Florida, and many, many more.

Please contact us for a free evaluation of your need with no obligation. We will also be more than happy to provide you with references for our previous work done.


Internet Connectivity Design & Consulting Services

  • Internet Application Installation and Training
  • Electronic Mail
  • File Transfers
  • Workgroup Productivity software
  • Web Design and Consulting
  • Data Driven Web Page Design and Implementation
  • Connectivity between Web Server and Database Server

System Design & Consulting Services

  • Network Design and Implementation
    • Windows XP thru Windows 10
    • Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019
  • Data Processing and Automation
    • EDI Consulting
    • Office Productivity Software
    • Accounting System Integration
    • Telecommunications/Teleworking
    • Data Exchange between PC and Mainframe
  • Consulting
    • Analysis
    • System Integration
    • Database Management
    • Computer Aided Design
    • Purchase Design Support
    • Information/Database Security Systems

Custom Application Development

  • Microsoft BackOffice Suite
    • Client/Server
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • ODBC Applications
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro
  • Microsoft Office Suite 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019
  • Microsoft 365


R.G.Potter Consulting Services Inc. (RGP) is a locally owned and operated computer consulting firm specializing in IBM platform microcomputers. RGP develops, markets, and supports software and hardware applications specifically using microcomputers and Local/Wide Area Networks (LANs & WANs). The president of the firm, Rick Potter has two engineering degrees from Queen's University, specializing in computer simulations, and has been active in the computing community since 1973. For more than thirty years he has been active in the local business community and Internationally as a computer consultant based in the Kingston area.

His emphasis now is the global reach of computers from mainframe systems down to the clients smart phone. Information must be derived, managed and delivered in a meaningful and timely manner to ensure the latest Information models. Websites, social media, electronic mail must all be intergrated and available on all platforms immediately in real time. This requires an integrated and dynamic implimentation plan. Providing this is our pursuit.

Some Current Projects

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www.pictonterminals.ca www.hrdoornekamp.ca www.doornekamplines.ca

Company Information

The company was founded in 1989 to specifically address the Health Care market, and developed the Reciprocal Billing Agreement System for the Ontario Ministry of Health. This application was a fully automated accounting system used by the Province of Ontario to track transfer payments between Ontario and the other Provinces and Territories. The system was analyzed, designed, implemented and supported by RGP, and was comprised of PC's linked together in a Novell Netware LAN. A similar hardware platform was also used to support the Extended Care Applicant Tracking System (ECATS), again designed by RGP, which was located in Toronto. Remote internet communication ensured that system problems were addressed immediately removing the distance barrier from Kingston support to a LAN situated in Toronto.

The company expanded in 1989 to cover support of existing PC and LAN applications in the Kingston area. It's customer base consisted of approximately 30 operations ranging in size from the Province of Ontario, to Alcan, to Municipal Governments, right down to local one person operations. In order to offer proper support for all these clients, muliple high speed internet lines have been installed so that support can be available to assist in solving unusual situations that may arise. A device with an internet connection is always available off-site for emergency remote support. In most situations, verbal communication of the problem will suffice for a remedy. For other problems a site visit may be necessary. In order that the client can reach the consultant when out on a site visit, cellular phones are used so that in most cases, the call can be completed immediately. If for some reason, the consultant is out of cellular range, then a paging system is in effect to notify the consultant that a message has been left. This mailbox is checked at least once every hour, so that initial contact can be made, usually within one hour of the problem being reported. The problem can then be assessed and a plan of attack established. It is the consultants responsibility to keep the client informed as to the status of problem resolution. RGP guarantees to all its clients that initial client/consultant contact is made within 4 hours of the initial call.

In order to ensure this on-going support on a 365 day basis per year, RGP has entered into a reciprocating support agreement with other local consultants in the area, so that if a representative of RGP can not be reached, then provisions will be made for another representative to respond to the call. The client need only make a single call to the RGP office. All routing will take place internally and behind the scenes. This pooling of resources ensures uninterrupted service for our client base.

RGP can provide software support for most of the popular PC based applications, including Word Processors, spreadsheets, databases, accounting systems and CAD. For hardware support, part supply channels are available for most of the popular PC's on the market including Lenovo, HP, Acer, ASUS and many other brands of equipment.

Our Team

Rick Potter Sr.



Rick Potter Jr.

Lead Application Developer


Barb Potter

Office Manager


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1591 Grousewood Lane
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613-541-0271 (Office)
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